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The Blue Room Meditation:

Sitting comfortably with your back resting against a wall or chair, imagine a large clear tube has just dropped fro the sky above and formed around your body. It extends very HIGH into the sky above you.

Inside this tube is golden string of light that comes down and penetrated the top of your head, and starts pulling you up and out of your physical body. You quickly ascend straight up into the tube, sailing up above the clouds and earth, and are now thousands of miles away in outer space. You are so far away, you can no longer see the earth, moon and sun.

As you are floating in empty space, a cobalt blue door appears in front of you. You reach for the handle and walk through it into a beautiful shimmering blue room which has a powerful blue light-energy radiating from the ceiling and walls. The floor consists of actually solid gold that is 3 feet thick! It is warm and you feel incredibly rich just stepping onto it!

There is an ascended master, angel, or personal guide standing in each corner of the room. They are sending their loving peaceful powerful energy into you and everyone present in the room.

You look over and now see the person(s) you want to make a new contract, agreement or relationship with. They stand up to greet you and you shake hands (or hug) and see they are shining with joy to see. On the table is the new agreement that your guides have already provided for you! You all sit down at the warm table and comfortable chairs to read through the contract.

You have a short conversation with them about the new agreement. You both read and sign the written contract, which states EXACTLY what YOU want to occur back on Earth.

After you are finished and satisfied, through your heart, eyes and smile, you send them your deepest gratitude and appreciation for signing the agreement with you. Then you lovingly say good-bye in a way that feels complete for you, as you walk out the door, and float on down the clear tube back to your body.

Once you are back in your body, take a deep breath and integrate what you have just experienced. Allow for the solidity and realness of the new agreement to be felt INSIDE your body now.

Breathe this new agreement into every cell and atom in your body and enjoy it. The more you can trust your experience, the more likely miraculous and magical things are destined to occur.

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